Maya is the character of the roster of Borderlands 2 described as Sirena . “Sirena” is a term that is often heard in the Saga: Lilith , a playable character in the first chapter, is a Siren, as is the commander Steele of Atlas corporation was and was the daughter of Jack the Fair , Angel .

The Sirens are beings endowed with supernatural powers, indissolubly linked to Eridium , the Crypts and, consequently, to the Eridiani , a vanished people of the Borderlands folklore.

Maya is a character that is relatively easy to master , especially if certain abilities are enhanced and certain mods which makes his damage output particularly high .

Maya, however, is not a character solely able to inflict large amounts of damage but it is above all the best supporting character that can be played in Borderlands 2 . Much of his gameplay can be geared towards reanimating fallen comrades, team regeneration and care. At high difficulty, performing endgame activities like Digistruct Peak with a team of at least one Maya makes the game much easier to deal with and solves most of the difficulties due to the enormous amount of damage that can be suffered at high difficulty

Without further delay, we continue to illustrate each of Maya's skill tree, the Siren


Maya's skill trees are well intertwined and it is difficult to divide them into watertight compartments like other characters. However, we can more or less identify its usefulness and general functioning.

In the branch “ Moto “, Maya finds space for to enhance its action ability and, at the same time, several other buffs that improve his physical presence on the battlefield: weapon damage and reloading shields

Thanks to “ Armonia “, Maya is able to become the character of definitive support . With additional benefits concerning the Phase Block, a Maya investing points in this branch is able to provide exceptional support to itself and to allies, both with regard to survive ability of the whole team both for the support to damages, even if indirectly

Finally there is “ Cataclysm “, the branch most focused on damages. Inextricably linked to elemental damage, this branch is indispensable for a Maya focused on brute force .


By pressing the key assigned to the action ability, one is able to block an enemy in mid-air , preventing him from fighting for a short time. Some enemies are immune to the phase block and receive, in return, one instant damage .

The use of the phase block is crucial to play Maya . It is a skill that must be mastered whatever build you decide to undertake, since it synergizes with all the possible combinations of abilities.

Phase block can undergo profound changes in the its operation with some skills of the Moto branch



Capacity increases by 5% and shield charging delay equipped for each point spent decreases by 8%

Good ability, which gives more to the recharging delay than capacity The decrease in the recharge delay reaches up to – 40% , interesting bonus, especially if accompanied by very fast shields to top up or, better still, in a build Legendary Cat , which uses the legendary AMP shield The Bee .


Adds a 3% and 4% weapon damage to bullet speed per point spent.

Ability always good as a starting point for an offensive build . Evergreen for a Legendary Cat .


Increases the Phase Lockout duration for each point spent by 0.5 seconds.

Arriving up to 2.5 seconds of extra duration, Maya can keep an enemy immobile for as little as to take advantage of other very interesting bonuses that are activated just when an enemy is under effect of phase lock . Ability not to be totally disdained


Killing skill which adds the probability, after killing an enemy, of 10% to reject the bullets against the enemies , bringing them to 20% of the damage . The probability of repelling the bullets and the bonus damage to them increases by the same amount per point spent.

Kinetic Reflection is a skill that turns out to be excellent in many cases. Your maximum level bonuses arrive at 50% of the odds with the 100% of the bonus damage and with class Mod Trickster , increase further, going so far as to enhance these bonuses to the point of making Maya invulnerable for a short period of time, as well as causing damage bonus of 220% to bullets rejected .


Increase of 10% movement speed for each point spent when the shields are discharged

Unless you want to build a special build with the class Mod Breakneck Banshee , Speed ​​ is not an essential choice among the skills of the branch in question

Makes the best of itself only in the presence of the aforementioned Mod and the shield Rough Rider, known to have a capacity of 0.


Activating the phase block , a singularity effect is triggered which attracts the surrounding enemies to the origin of the phase block.

Interesting milestone that has many advantages: a cluster of grouped enemies is a particularly tempting target for grenades, rocket launchers or another Maya skill, Chain Reaction , which causes projectiles to bounce on nearby enemies, greatly increasing damage output


Killing skill which regenerates the shield by 0.8% and increases the reload speed of 10% per point spent after killing an enemy.

Inertia is particularly important not so much for the bonus to the shield as for the top-up speed . Quickly reloading makes the character less exposed, who will be ready to shoot immediately.


For each point spent, increases the reload speed of the Phase Block by 6% .

Excellent ability that will only allow Maya to use her ability more often , allowing, again, to enjoy all those bonuses that are activated when an enemy is under its effect


When an enemy imprisoned by the phase Block dies, there is the possibility of 20% for point spent another enemy being blocked after it .

Sub-sequence is an excellent ability that allows to take advantage of the Phase Block bonuses on several enemies, especially at maximum level, where the bonus reaches the 100% to take action .

However, Sottosequenza has some reservations to be taken into account. The effect is not instantaneous and you can physically see the bubble of the Phase Block that goes in search of a new enemy to be imprisoned. This involves two important problems with which one must know how to coexist and, of course, solve: in this state, the duration of the phase block is the same, whether it is blocking an enemy or not and often it will happen that the Block does not last long enough on an enemy because the time of the ability has expired due to the time taken by the bubble to reach the enemy; the bubble of the phase block is directed to the closest enemy and travels in a straight line, often colliding with obstacles, wasting time and reducing the effective duration of the skill

Nevertheless, Sottosquenza is a net improvement and is only an advantage, even if it is necessary to know how to manage these particular occasions.


It alters the phase lock operation. Using the action ability on an enemy, Maya now makes an enemy his ally for the duration of Phase Block, as well as increasing its duration (3 seconds) and recharge time (4 seconds).

Mental Block is not an ugly milestone but is, perhaps, the worst of the three Maya endings . Particularly synergistic with Suspension but partially in contrast with Sottosquenza , since the enemies, often at higher difficulties, tend to have a quantity of health that does not easily kill other enemies .



Increases critical damage by 5% and melee damage for each point spent

Abilities must have and fundamental for any build based on damage to Maya . After a negligible increase in melee damage, it is very convenient to inflict more critical damage. It is absolutely worth investing points here.


By killing an enemy in Phase Block a healing sphere is generated for each point spent restoring the energy of Maya, and its allies . The energy is restored in an inversely proportional way to health and reaches a maximum of 15% of energy restored .

Sweet liberation is a skill that makes the Phase Block a double-edged sword, since it adds a buff to the treatments that can benefit not only Maya but all of her team . Ability that is worth spending points practically always.


A increases Maya's health by 3% for each point spent and allows her to heal allies by shooting, converting 6% per point spent of damage of the weapon into care .

Ability from the bonus to laughable health, it finds its usefulness only in the company of other players, especially at high difficulty and equipped with very powerful weapons or, better, provided with pellets and multiple bullets.


Increase rate of fire and weapon damage respectively of 10% and 6% per invested point when an enemy is in phase block .

A key role ability for a damage-focused build, given its considerable bonuses, which reach 50% bonus cadence and 30% weapon damage bonus with 5 points. Some Mods, the Cat , further increase these bonuses, dramatically increasing Maya's offensive potential when using Phase Blocking

It enjoys particular synergies with Suspension , which increases the duration of the Block and therefore allows these bonuses a longer duration, and, in part, Sottosquenza .

The discourse for Sottosquenza is the same: the bonuses of Devastation apply only when enemies are affected by the Block but not when they are in search of a target and therefore care must be taken.


Maya and her allies regenerate 1% of the total energy per second , for each point spent, when an enemy is in phase block

Very important both in solo and in team, given that it further increases the survive ability regardless of the size of the team. Also the discourse on Sottosquenza made on Devastation is valid here.


Using Phase block on an ally in Fight for life, it is revived instantly.

It is a mandatory ability to play in a team, as it makes Maya not only able to reanimate in time 0 but also to do it from a considerable distance . It is the most important bonus ever to be considered in multiplayer.


Suffering health damage involves a possibility of 10% per point spent causing the same damage to the source that caused it .

Dangerous skill at high difficulty, since it is explicitly written that this bonus is activated only when one receives direct damage to health , implying that the shields are discharged , which in turn implies a reset of the charging delay.

We do not feel like recommending this skill so lightly, given that regeneration bonuses, for most of the time, are not such as to sustain the fire of most part of the enemies with UVHM difficulties.


Regenerates constantly up to 0.4% of health per point spent, in inverse proportion to the health left

As a bonus to regeneration it is perhaps a bit lacking, especially due to the high position in the branch. It appears convenient to invest points in it if you wanted to optimize the total regeneration but we recommend doing so only alongside a Mod Legendary Nurse , which gives this skill 5 extra points and already gives a very powerful natural regeneration.


After killing an enemy, Maya gains a vital theft equal to 1.2% of the damage inflicted per point spent.

Energy on tap is activated at any time: damage from a grenade, melee, nova etc. but it pales even only in the presence of a weapon of Moxxi , equipped with vital theft in a natural way . We recommend bringing one of these weapons with you rather than investing too many points here.


With a cooldown of 18 seconds, strike a body body with Maya generates a floating slag sphere that constantly damages and contaminates enemies .

Profit milestone that sees its great utility at high levels, where the use of the slag becomes practically mandatory .



Guarantees 6% bonus chance per point spent causing an elemental effect with weapons

Contagion is very important as a skill, especially since the probability of causing the elemental effect is also extended to the slag, a fundamental element for playing on high difficulty, UVHM.


Increases by 4% the size of the loader and of the 5% the charging speed for each point spent.

Foresight has only positive bonuses . Another very important skill for a Mayan specializing in weapons


Adds incendiary elemental damage to shots fired in Fight for Life . The bonus damage is based on the damage of the weapon with which it is fired and is of 10% for each point spent .

This ability has some important reservations that it is important to know: in fact, Immolation is activated when the health is equal to 0 , situation in which the fight for life is triggered

For this reason, using Moxxi's weapons, which regenerate health through vital theft, will not activate Immolation if you are fighting for life . On the other hand, it is possible to activate Immolation even if you are not fighting for life. Since it is necessary to have health equal to 0, it is possible to use Pangolin shields which are particularly penalizing for health in order to have a health reduction higher than the maximum health and to be, in fact, with health 0. Often the shield is used Hoplite for this purpose, and is the most effective way to get Immolation bonuses and be alive at the same time.


Putting an enemy in phase block, causes a fiery explosion that damages all nearby enemies. Each point spent increases the incendiary damage inflicted.

Helios goes in particular synergy with Convergence , which brings all the enemies closer, but also with Sottquence, which triggers Helios to each enemy trapped in the Phase Block.


While an enemy is in Phase Block, all the bullets that hit the enemies have an 8% chance to bounce off nearby enemies .

Chain reaction is a key skill of a Maya focused on weapon damage. In a build making use of a Mod Legendary Cat , this skill is a true portent that multiplies by very much the offensive potential of Maya.

In particular, this skill is very powerful because the blows that are made to bounce bring with them both the damage of the bullet and any possible damage damage provided by an AMP shield . This means that this ability is crucial especially if you use a shield The Bee .

Chain reaction synergistically with many skills:

  • Kinetic reflex : bullets rejected against enemies by Kinetic Reflection count as if they had exploded by the player e, therefore, they are able to bounce on more enemies thanks to Chain Reaction;
  • Convergence : Convergence brings enemies closer to the phase block, increasing the effectiveness of chain reaction bouncing bullets against nearby enemies
  • Energy on draft : the vital theft of Energy on the spine it also activates on the bouncing bullets.

Against all the aforementioned bonuses, it appears trivial as Chain reaction is a practically obligatory ability for a damage-oriented Maya that wants to be effective .


Firing at an enemy, a cloud of acid is generated that constantly damages the enemies that come into contact with it. Nuvola Assassin lasts 5 seconds and only one Cloud can be active at a time.

Previously one of the worst skills of the game, after a patch applied by a patch it has become a very powerful skill . Other must have .


Melee attacks inflict incendiary damage and when the shield is unloaded an incendiary nova is created.

Negligible skill , especially due to the insignificant incendiary damage added to the melee (a dimension that on Maya is not minimally developed) and for an ability that already many shields, those belonging to the Nova class of Maliwan, possess and with greater power


Allows you to inflict weapon damage plus 8% per point spent on each enemy with more than 50% of the energy.

Another very powerful skill. An increase in such damage is very reliable against enemies with so much health and, in fact, makes it faster to kill any enemy in front of you.


When an enemy is killed, Maya inflicts incendiary damage and corrosive damage to nearby enemies for a short time . The damage depends on the level and how many points you have invested in the evil Phoenix.

It is not at all comparable to the effectiveness of the corresponding ability that Lilith possesses on the first Borderlands . At a high level there is a tendency not to enhance due to the disadvantageous reduced effectiveness of elemental damage to high difficulty modes.

Avoid if you are in UVHM mode.


Phase block contaminates, lightens and corrodes nearby enemies

Perhaps the best milestone of Maya, especially if coupled with Sottosquenza , which applies the effects of Rovina ad each enemy that is put in phase lock . Damages of Ruin they are very tall, especially due to the fact that it also inflicts slag damage and contaminates the enemies it affects.


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