In the procedural system characteristic of Borderlands saga the equipment available for the player is divided according to rarity levels, each characterized by a characteristic color, which makes the belonging of an object to a specific category almost unequivocally

Although a single game can last several tens of hours, it is highly probable that during a single run you will not be in contact with all the rarities that exist in the Borderlands 2 system , in fact some of the highest rarity levels are rendered practically inaccessible, unless you dedicate yourself to getting to more advanced phases of the game .

In this guide we will show all the rarity levels present in Borderlands 2 .


In reality the term “rarity” is not entirely accurate to define the brackets in which the equipment is grouped, it would be more correct to speak of “quality” : not everyone they can be regularly “dropped” during a normal game, or fall into the “loot pool” of a specific enemy.


rarità armi Borderlands 2
A “Rare” level Dahl assault rifle

Like other looting-based systems, conventional equipment is organized on rarity levels “ anonymous “, associated with a growing level of quality and performance. Let's talk about:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Very rare

Each echelon is uniquely identified by a color of the “weapon card” , but also from a specific color pattern determined by the manufacturer, which makes it possible to distinguish the weapon already from its aesthetic aspect.

rarità armi Borderlands 2
The same assault rifle, of “Very Rare” rarity.

For example, a weapon Dahl will always be characterized by a texture that resembles a military camouflage, but the colors of this camouflage will change according to the rarity, with the “Very rare” variants that will resume an autumnal camo .

Weapons of this type of rarity can be found in any loot source of the game and are not part of the loot pool of a specific enemy, even if the most enemies last and bosses are more likely to release equipment of higher rarity


rarità armi Borderlands 2
An example of an E-Tech weapon, specifically the same assault rifle shown above.

The weapons E-tech are present exclusively in Borderlands 2 , it is a particularly powerful variant of weapons “Very Rare” , enhanced with a proprietary technology of Hyperion . The weapons E-tech will be always elemental (except for special exceptions) and will have far more damage higher to their sisters “Very Rare”, but in exchange they will always consume at least one ammunition per shot more than normal.

The characteristic color of e-tech weapons is the magenta and the color pattern used by the weapon will always be that of the very rare variants, moreover the weapons are distinguishable from the special barrel, equipped with dissipation bulkheads and fire modes that change significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer.


rarità equipaggiamento Borderlands 2

There are basically two variants of E-tech guns , Dart and Spiker , both produced by all E-tech manufacturers

  • Le Dart they fire projectiles at low speed, which leave a characteristic particle effect along the path
  • The Spikers fire projectiles that travel in a straight line to high speed, able to stick to surfaces and to explode with a slight delay


rarità equipaggiamento Borderlands 2

In the case of the SMG E-Tech , also called “Plasma Caster” , the operation is influenced by the producer:

  • Hyperion , Maliwan , Dahl and Tediore maintain the typical characteristics of the producer, usually further improving the basic qualities. Le Plasma Caster Maliwan son consider those with the highest performances ever, boasting secondary area damage not indicated on the weapon card.
  • The Bandit , on the contrary, have a completely unique functioning: in fact, these Plasma Casters they fire almost randomly, projectiles have limited flight time and bounce off solid surfaces. Generally considered the absolute worst, their behavior is similar to shotguns.


The Shotgun E-tech behave similarly to grenade launchers, firing projectiles with arc trajectories. The behavior is further influenced by the producer:

  • La Hyperion produces “ Splatguns ” whose bullet is capable to bounce many times, applying area damage to each impact
  • The Tediore produces “ Splatguns “whose bullet explodes on impact. When reloaded, the discarded weapon shoots upward at the energy globes.
  • Bandit produces “ Splasher Blashters “, or shotguns capable of firing 3 shots at a time. The range is extremely small, but the damage these shotguns are capable of is hardly equal


Assault rifles E-tech are all “ Blaster “, or variants that fire laser bullets. The producer influences the behavior in a marginal way:

  • I “ BlASSter “of Bandit have in all respects the characteristics of the “Very Rare” assault rifles, but the damage is greatly increased
  • Vladof produces Blaster whose rate of fire is even higher than the very rare variants. The defect of these weapons is that the rose of fire is so bright that it prevents the aiming
  • I Blaster of the Dahl are characterized by an alternating fire in three directions firing without aiming, but aiming are able to make a complete burst in all three directions simultaneously. In addition, they do not consume extra ammunition by aiming. Used correctly, they are among the most powerful weapons in the game.


rarità equipaggiamento Borderlands 2

There are three variants of these weapons, all capable of emitting a very fast laser beam that bounces off solid surfaces, and the critical damage to these weapons is reduced, making them even less performing than the “Very Rare” sisters in these conditions . In essence, each producer flaunts its qualities:

  • I Railer ” Maliwan are the worst in the category: they have the highest probability of elemental effect, but they lose the ability to inflict damage ad area
  • I Railer” Dahl fire a rapid burst almost totally free of recoil.
  • Hyperion with Hybridification” minimizes the initial fluctuation and maximize precision.
  • I Moloko” Vladof boast a monstrous cadence of fire, aligned with a rifle assault. They grind ammunition as quickly as they deal damage.


In the case of rocket launchers E-tech , each manufacturer has its own characteristic fire mode:

  • I PRAZMA CANON of the Bandit fire 3 rockets, each of which releases a shower of secondary bullets along the way.
  • I “PBFG” Maliwan boast the ability to strike everyone enemies around the impact, inflicting damage even through terrain and cover. Enemies affected by the explosion will be incorporated into a sphere of energy that inflicts damage over time and damages nearby enemies, further increasing damage output; moreover, both the damage of the initial bullet and the damage over time inflicted by the globes are both affected by the “Amp shields” such as the Bee.
  • Tediore produces rocket launchers whose behavior is quite similar to that of the PBFG Maliwan, but the rocket has an area of ​​effect and a lower speed.
  • Vladof produces Topneaa , a family of rocket launchers that maintains the effect of PBFG Maliwan, with a area of ​​reduced effect, they also consume only one ammo per shot and every third rocket fired is free.


There is only one grenade E-Tech throughout the game: la Breath of Terramorphous .

It can be considered, in all respects, as a grenade legendary , but with a little extra brio and with a very particular method of functioning.


rarità equipaggiamento Borderlands 2

There are also rare relics E-Tech (or magenta), are the so-called “Relics of the ancients” . All Relics E-Tech provide at the same time the bonuses of two different classes of relics, according to a precise scheme.

They can actually be considered the strongest relics of the game, also because the individual bonuses offered have an intensity ( slightly ) greater than the very quality sisters rare.

Nevertheless, this does not imply that a character build reaches the peak of its efficiency only with one E-Tec relic h, in fact there are many cases in which this is not true, such that one cannot even speak of “exceptions that confirm the rule”, demonstrating the complexity of the system of Borderlands 2 .

Fra Relics of the ancients we have:

  • Blood of the Ancient : increase the maximum health and the maximum number of transportable ammunition (or grenades).
  • Bones of the Ancients : increase the elemental damage (of fire, electricity or corrosion) and the speed of recharging the action skill
  • Heart of the Ancients : increase the damage of a type of weapon, increase the duration of the fight for the life and restored energy.
  • Leather of the Ancients : increase the performance of the energy shields, increasing capacity and / or speed of recharge, in addition to providing elemental resistance.

These relics can only be found in the “loot pool” of specific enemies, the “powerful Dwarfs”, and are in fact unavailable outside “Crypt Hunter Mode Final ” (also called U ltimate V ault H unter M ode o “UVHM” ).


Hyperion Morningstar, a unique sniper rifle, which has a vocal module, which makes the weapon able to speak.

The “unique” equipment is a special category, which is characterized by having a different behavior than the one normally held by one of the same category.

We can consider relatives of the legendary weapons, they do not necessarily have performances that make people cry in the miracle, but their particular functioning can be a factor around which they revolve different “gimmick” and “build” .

An “ unique ” equipment will usually be marked by a “unique” skin, by the color weapon card blue or viola , but above all from a red text , usually a quote related to the particular behavior shown by the object. Furthermore, a single object will always have some parts that compose it, called “fixed parts”, which will always be the same, regardless of the existing variants.

To give a practical example, the single shield “Deadly Bloom” is a shield Explosive Nova, capable of releasing an explosion not only when the protective charge runs out, but also whenever there is a struggle for life.


An example of a legendary class Mod.

In the case of legendary equipment , things are starting to get very interesting

Technically the legendary rarity equipment is placed on the level directly above the E-Tech, but in truth the performance gap is so wide that it cannot be described as a simple “step”.

Furthermore, Gearbox with Borderlands 2 adopted a game design that brought these equipments closer to that of the “only”, in fact practically all objects of this type are not simply distinguished by the performance (even by far) above the norm, but precisely because of an “irregular” operation, which can often make it good or bad luck: in fact there are some (even if few) legendary objects that, in front of attractive premises, turn out to be a real fiasco once tested.

The Vladof Infinity is a gun that is in able to shoot endlessly, without ever consuming ammunition and without the need to recharge; furthermore, the pattern of its projectiles is distributed in such a way as to resume the shape of the “infinite” symbol

To give examples we could quote the Flame of the Firehawk , a Nova shield that continues to emit new fire until it begins to recharge, being able to virtually continue to the bitter end, the grenade Fastball , which boasts incredibly high damage, but inflicts damage only if it directly strikes an enemy, but the most appropriate example is certainly the class legendary Mods , which simultaneously enhance 5 or 6 abilities (unlike the 3 maxims with a very rare class Mod), offer multiple passive bonuses and even additional unique effects

Essentially, whenever your eyes are looking at a colored object orange , not hesitate to collect it.


A weapon of pearlescent quality. This level of rarity is very ambivalent, contemplating at the same time rather poor weapons and others quite exceptional

If the legendary they can be considered among the strongest weapons of the game, Perlescenti can definitely be considered the rarest : these are indeed so rare objects that you can never meet them, even during different games.

There are only pearlescent weapons, and at least in Borderlands 2 are known to be incredibly ambivalent : some of the qualities that characterize them would make them stronger on paper, but others, on the contrary, make them incredibly contextual or completely poor

In these weapons, usually the already good qualities of a legendary are further ostentatious, as well as the “unique” behavior becomes decidedly striking: sniper rifles that emit nova, shotgun that shoot rockets, weapons creating extra bullets or regenerating ammunition are an example of this bizarre category of weapons .


A seraphic quality weapon, the Actualizer. It has a damage per shot far superior to the other SMGs, but also a low precision and a high recharge time.

Rarity equipment seraphic I am an exceptional case in all Borderlands 2 : in fact they are characterized by having very high performances, but always compensated by a defect, or for having a “unique” functioning with a very particular meaning, which can guarantee great benefits in certain contexts.

But what most distinguishes these objects, is that unlike all the others can be bought : to do so, however, “seraphic crystals” , a single currency that is issued by Boss by raid introduced by DLC . Moreover, in the “loot pool” of the raid Bosses there are the Serafici objects of the same DLC of which they are part.

The possibility of also making the seraphic crystals quite easily and freely acquiring the seraphic objects at our same level (including “Overpower Levels” , makes them a particularly reliable type of equipment .


The toothpick is a case specimen of weapon of effervescent quality

Rarity equipment “Effervescente” were introduced in the last DLC di Borderlands 2 , Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary ; their very showy appearance makes it virtually impossible for them to go unnoticed, in fact the weapon card of these weapons constantly changes color, taking up those of the arcobaleno .

This is a quality of equipment that has no precedents in the saga: even if equipment already existed as a “set”, able to boost each other under certain conditions, “Effervescent Sets” have an even more particular behavior, since the buffs supplied can be influenced by various factors, such as the area in which you are playing .

Furthermore, the buffs provided by these “sets” constitute real gimmicks that allow you to more easily overcome certain in-game activities, such as the Digistruct Peak Raid .

Outside the “Effervescent Set” , these weapons behave like variants more powerful than other legendary weapons, often inheriting its full features, including the texture, which will simply be covered by an overlay.


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