The announcement of Borderlands 3 and its forthcoming release aroused the fanbase from hibernation, waiting for news on the next iteration of the saga of Gearbox for several years, this is how Borderlands 2 quickly returned to being one of the most played titles on Steam .

While we are preparing for the next title Gearbox , we have compiled a happy list 10 useful tips for novice players , who have recently started hunting for crypts!


Borderlands 2 Kerblaster

One of the features of the Borderlands saga equipment system is the presence of several “ manufacturer “, each of which has a particular characteristic, which determines the functioning of the object itself. Let's see what:

  • Le Maliwan they are always elementals
  • Le Jakobs are always non-elemental and semi-automatic
  • The Dahl are able to fire in bursts when aiming and have extremely reduced recoil
  • The Hyperion are the most precise weapons, their recoil is reversed and reduced with sustained fire
  • Le Torgue are always explosive, with slow bullets and low rate of fire.
  • The Tediore have discrete statistics, they are reloaded by discarding the weapon and throwing it at an enemy
  • The Vladof are automatic weapons with a very high rate of fire.
  • The Bandit are weapons with generally mediocre statistics , with a dan no discreet and a huge magazine

This also affects the functioning of shields and grenades, among which there are also other producers, who do not make weapons.

The first thing you should learn in Borderlands 2 is therefore the difference in the operating methods proposed by each manufacturer; furthermore each manufacturer of equipment makes use of its own color set unique and unambiguous , which will help you to distinguish the equipment already from their appearance.


Borderlands 2 Uranus

In Borderlands 2 the damage inflicted by weapons does not decrease never based on distance traveled by bullets , there are indeed specific cases where the opposite occurs.

For this same reason all the weapons capable of firing multiple shots simultaneously are the strongest, especially in the Borderlands saga the shotguns are multipurpose weapons, which can be safely used at any distance.


Borderlands 2 Build

In Borderlands 2 good quality equipment certainly has a significant weight, but what will really make the difference will be “build” skills , or the way in which you have invested the skill points made available to you.

In general you will notice that the “ trees ” of a character evolve each in order to make it specialize in a certain environment, to example it is clear that the branch Guerrilla di Axton focuses on enhancing his ability turret , while Survival strengthens its physical resistance making it a Tank, the same happens in a similar way for the other characters. The thing starts to get interesting when you then go on to mix the powers and abilities of different branches, in fact it is precisely at this point that a character begins to evolve in a truly marked way.

What you should pay close attention to will be the so-called “milestones” of a branch, placed in the middle and at the bottom of the tree of abilities: these modifiers will have an unmatched impact on the character and the way in which it is played. Playing at higher levels building an adequate “build” will make the difference between life and death.


Borderlands 2 new game

If you are your first match in Borderlands , you may be confused by the fact that there are many more levels (currently 80 10 Overpower Levels ) of how much it seems possible to mature of it, this is due to the fact that Borderlands implements, like so many other games, the “New Game ” .

There are three ways to play Borderlands 2 : “ normal “, “ True hunter “(True Vault Hunter Mode – TVHM ) and“ Hunter of the Final Crypt “(Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode – UVHM ), each made accessible when completing the main story in the previous one. Each mode involves a significant increase in difficulty, with TVHM which introduces new enemies and raises the average difficulty of the clashes, while the UVHM quadruples the health of all enemies, allows to all the “Non-bosses” to constantly regenerate 1% of health, while all the Harders become Super Hard and the latter become Definitive Hard.

Upon completion of the TVHM all the enemies present in the game will be instantly brought to the level 50 and additional content will be made accessible, while in the UVHM enemies will always be aligned with the level of the strongest player in the game; only and exclusively in the UVHM it is possible to obtain precious resources called “Seraphic crystals” , which allow you to buy some of the best weapons from merchants in the DLCs


Borderlands 2 slagga slag scoria

One of the most important aspects of Borderlands 2 and probably also its biggest flaw is the introduction of “ scoria ” ( slag ), an elemental effect that does not inflict damage over time, but increases considerably all damage suffered by those affected.

It is considered by both the community and the developers as a “ defect “Because the slag is nothing short of vital to the highest difficulties, becoming a necessary tool to bring down enemies to difficulty” Hunter of the final crypt “(Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode – UVHM ), in fact in this difficulty the dross reaches even to triple the inflicted damages.

For this reason it is very important to have at least one weapon in your inventory (or alternatively an ability to do it for us) designed for the specific purpose of “ dislodge “the enemies: there are several suitable candidates for the role, an example is i Maliwan sniper rifles , whose very high probability of elemental effect and the ability to inflict area damage allow to apply the slag to multiple enemies simultaneously with a single shot.


Borderlands 2 Mordecai missioni secondarie

An error often made by novices is to ignore the secondary missions in Borderlands . To begin with, the secondary missions are perhaps one of the strongest points of each title of the saga, enriching the solid narrative structure and giving life to its crazy universe and seasoned with one not at all veiled note of nonsense .

Secondly, secondary missions are used to provide unique rewards that can greatly enrich the gaming experience, exemplary is the case of the talking rifle , the revolver of Moxxi “ Rubi “, the SMG” Bane “e many others .

Furthermore, the secondary missions are best enjoyed if carried out immediately before undertaking the main mission currently in progress , because they help us to accumulate experience and enrich our equipment with objects that may be obsolete in future times.

We therefore suggest you to do all the secondary missions during your first game, while you can skip them in the following runs.


For those who play at Borderlands the mechanics of “ Fight for life “, which allows to fight again for a few seconds before dying, then to revive by killing an enemy or to be rescued by teammates. But there is another game mechanic (also present in other video games) that allows you to avoid death, the so-called “Health Gating” .

In essence, any single claim for damage suffered while at 50 1% of maximum health will never be able to bring you to fight for life, but only to lower your health to a critical point , or about 1% ; for this same reason the “build tank” stronger in Borderlands are not so much those that increase the values ​​of health and shield, as those that point to very high effects of health regeneration , so as to be constantly above the Health Gate .

This mechanic can be exploited together with other regeneration effects (such as those induced by class mods Avanguardia , Nurse , Titano , Carne and Survivor ) to make your character virtually immortal.


Borderlands 2 punti duro

One of the game mechanics introduced in Borderlands 2 is that of the “ Hard Points “, a cumulative scoring system shared across all the characters of our profile, which increases as we complete the” challenges “in play.

These points can be accumulated to the bitter end, being then converted into “ hard tokens , “Invested in empowering all our characters and guaranteeing a sort of infinite progression, even once the Level Cap has been reached

Initially the bonus offered by hard tokens is negligible, but in the long run it can go on to significantly enhance the character, to the point that many Youtuber and veteran players are used to disable the “Hard statistics” just to show a situation more faithful to that of a non-expert player


Borderlands 2 Echo

The universe of Borderlands is completely insane and hardly ever takes itself seriously, but is full of details and collectibles that narrate secondary stories, often focused on the various characters present in the game world.

Among these undoubtedly stand out the “ Echo devices ” scattered around the maps game, each of which, once collected, starts a short recorded story. We strongly suggest that you take the time to search for Echo devices hidden in the world of Borderlands, the challenge menu can show you which play areas contain these stories.


Borderlands 2 Gibbed

Finally, we conclude with a controversial point , but no less important: the Gibbed Save Editor .

It is a tool that allows you to modify the saves, created by a member of the community already author of similar tools for other video games; the point is that “ the Gibbed ” can greatly improve your experience in Borderlands , especially at higher difficulty levels.

In addition to allowing you to customize the equipment and align it to your level without the farming, the Gibbed allows you to quickly change the character's builds and putting a strain on the great flexibility of the system created by Gearbox , it also allows you to edit character characteristics as the current level, so that you can play with friends no longer aligned with you (a defect that fortunately will be solved in Borderlands 3 ).

What might seem to be a cheating tool is instead a widely used by the community and that we strongly recommend you to use to keep Borderlands always fresh and to give you crazy joy with the most curious experiments.


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