Borderlands 3 has just reached its first month of life, a month in which the title has fully demonstrated that it can be talked about, not always with a wholly meaning positive.

Every week since its launch it has been characterized by the release of a patch and a Hotfix , often addressing various problems of balance of the arsenal, but sometimes introducing various nerf to skill or drop rate that have not always been received with great enthusiasm by the community.

In this article we are going to talk about new features that we want to see implemented in the title , hoping that updates or DLC go to satisfy our desires.


One of the nicer features of Borderlands 3 was the introduction of private rooms for each character aboard the Sanctuary III , rooms whose furnishing is determined by the character used and to which each player can contribute, choosing up to 3 scenery objects in key positions and exposing their treasures in special cases

This functionality however is available only while you are in a cooperative game session , limiting a little usefulness and potential. What we would like is for the game to be able to record the information of the last players / characters we played with , and to allow us to access their rooms even once the game session has ended .


Borderlands 3 has completely revolutionized the mechanics of its boss fight, introducing battles with multiple phases, temporal breakers in which it is impossible to inflict damage and unique mechanics for each of the main bosses. Furthermore, it introduced the test grounds, each of which constitutes a new challenge, as well as a way to deliver to users an experience similar to Digistruct Peak , without behaving strictly in the same way.

What is still missing is the feeling of the old raid bosses, from Crawmerax the invincible a Pyro Pete , from Master Gee ai Dragons of Destruction , not to mention the very recent Haderax The invincible , a boss entirely based on gimmick: bosses who were characterized by a considerable level of difficulty, their old mechanics are go completely lost (even if replaced by some more suitable for bosses history) as well as the sense of reward obtained from the collection of seraphic crystals and from the booty explosions characteristic of these enemies.

We therefore wonder if Gearbox intends to restore tradition and introduce other bosses from raids with the advent of updates and DLC , the first of which is scheduled for the first few months of 2020.


We have already expressed a strong complaint against Atlas weapons, whose weight in the destination of Borderlands 3 is still uncertain, even after several buffs aimed at this manufacturer, the last of which has enhanced the legendary Carrier assault rifle, making it worthy of note.

Three producer classes are missing from this manufacturer, namely SMG , Shotgun and Sniper Rifles : although the category of SMG is negligible (in fact the current guns already cover this role very well and compete with the Dahl ), Shotgun or sniper rifles whose shots are in search would constitute a considerable entry into the arsenal of the title.

We can only imagine the glory of a sniper rifle whose shots reach the target by themselves, coupled with Disappearance of Fl4k .


Another piece of arsenal that is missing from the appeal is the Maliwan rocket launchers , absent for the first time in the whole saga. If the return of their shotguns had a certain and appreciable effect, the disappearance of the rocket launchers is certainly remarkable, even if in some way the Torgue plays a similar role

A potential use case of Maliwan rocket launchers could be one in which these weapons release elemental pools or coils with a localized area of ​​effect, as is already the case with Party Pooper of the FDC and the Hive of the Torgue or with some legendary relics that enhance the dunks .


The legendary mods of Borderlands 3 are significantly different from those seen in Borderlands 2 and Pre-Sequel , to the point that several players may find themselves confused: in fact the new system does not provide such a drastic difference in the boosts given by these mods, but the effects are however quite important and finding the right random-rolls can make the difference in endgames.

Although the current mod park is quite valid ( found here those of Amara ), we believe that Gearbox has yet to pull out the true potential from this part of the Borderlands 3 inventory, in Particularly, greater efforts can be made on which skills are enhanced and the unique powers of the legendary mods. Our hope is that every DLC brings at least some for each character


The maps of Borderlands 3 are fantastic: the playable areas, the scenarios and the skyboxes are absolutely fantastic in this iteration of the saga. At the same time, we feel the lack of some game areas, perhaps every planet of the title really still has a lot to say .

In particular the play areas are very focused on animal enemies, in fact the only one that meets these particular requirements is the Voracious Canopy on Eden 6, among other things, the iconic formiragni play a very marginal role, while in the past their dens were mines of experience, especially in the Rust Commons on the first Borderlands .

Perhaps claiming free play areas is too much, especially in view of the DLCs, as well as a special event on Athenas , in addition to the current month celebrating the tenth anniversary of the series . We hope, however, that the title will compensate for some gaps that are perceived as the hour count goes up, breaking the first few hundreds.


Let's face it, one of the most absurdly strange features of Borderlands 2 was that of fat enemies , to whose death was followed by an explosion of money, eridium, but above all loot. The fat men were also one of the most important targets of the Borderlands 2 endgame, since they were the only enemies in the whole title to be able to drop the special legendary mods, including Legendary Nurse , Legendary Killer , Legendary torch and other particularly impacting gameplay, central in different character builds

The same applies to the dwarfs looters , who could come out of any supply case, often catching us off guard, but also constituting one of the most important sources of spoils of the whole title. Like the fat men, it was only possible to obtain the E-Tech relics and all the sailed hunters in the crypt know the farming spot in the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve .

Although the Tink Saccheggiatori and Jabber Manolesta partially cover this role, their appearance is a very rare eventuality and in any case not hilarious to see yourself as a mini charger hyperion or a mini bandit talking in an altered voice, or an awkward varkid not even able to fly because of the fat mass, or even a formiragno with huge ass moving awkwardly. This kind of thing is the signature of one of the most insane sagas of all time and deserve to make the appearance in what at its launch was one of the most important titles ever.


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