Welcome to HOT GAMING, a new site that will cover the latest news on videogames and new videogames releases, with the use of articles and in some cases video attachments. We want to become your favorite video game magazine with never mediocre articles and important previews on videogames and news on video games that can help you in your videogame career or even just spend a 5 minutes of entertainment with articles on Destiny 2, Ps4, Xbox, Fallout , Overwatch and much more. With the aim of entertainment and sharing news on video games we hope that Gaming Today can be a new video game magazine that is never banal and always interesting. To maintain our goal, we will be constantly updated on any type of news or interesting item that circulates around the web, turning it into a convenient article for you readers. Obviously, every HOT GAMING article will use secure sources and will draw simple-to-read articles that bring the subject in a clear and understandable way.

Andrea Volpi

Born 11/11/1984 in Genoa, 34 years old web developer with a passion for gaming. Creator together with Samuel Niegovan of the portal to date in addition to the management and implementation of new features, he follows and regularly publishes industry articles thanks to foreign sources and in some cases directly to the houses manufacturers.

Samuel Niegovan

Born on 11/20/1995 in Trieste, 23 years old, he is a full-time manager of Gaming Today’s articles management, he is the contact point of reference for foreign sources and manufacturers. In addition to following the Blog in person, Samuel Niegovan is also involved in public relations and strategic reviews.

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